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IGS K-W Southern Ontario's best Internet Service Provider with DSL and Business Services.

Business Service $59.95 -- up to 6 Mbps PPPoE Service. Just $69.95 per month with Static IP
Recommended System Requirements for this service:
  • An Existing Bell Canada Phone Line (can be a reseller, just not Rogers Home Phone)*
  • Ethernet port

The client will need a high speed modem, see our Hardware link above.
* Dry Loop service is available for a an extra cost in many locations if you do not have a normal phone line.

**NOTE: Any hardware configuration will work with high speed internet, providing the computer has an ethernet adaptor to connect to the external high speed modem. Older, slower computers will have less noticeable speed increases due to their own, built-in issues.

***IGS KW will contact Bell Nexxia on the customer's behalf and order the installation of the high service for your phone line. You will not ever be billed by Bell for this service. Your monthly charges will be with IGS KW, your mail will be handled through IGS as well as any additional services related to the Internet that you may require.***

Due to the fact that you may be required to physically change the configuration of your computer, IGS KW does not assume any responsibility for equipment failure or loss of data, time or equipment.

A signed release supplied by IGS KW must be completed before the service will be added to your phone line.

An installation fee may apply to some Business DSL services. (Call for current installation fees)

Important Points:
  • Poor internal house wiring, electrical wiring, and other phone line devices may interfere with this service.
  • Phone line filters may be required to reduce noise on telephone equipment. IGS supplies two with a new service and modem purchase, additional filters can be obtained from $6.00 each. See our hardware page for current prices.
  • Connection and transfer speeds are NOT guaranteed and vary with phone line quality and distance from the Bell Canada electronics servicing your telephone line. The closer you are to the Bell electronics and the better your phone line is, the closer you will get to the maximum numbers.
  • IGS does not accept responsibility for the connection from your house to Bell, however, we will assist you in the event of a problem.
  • Business service includes the dynamic assignment of one IP (static IP available as an extra) and tech support for a single machine, the client assumes full responsibility for their own network should they choose to have one, we do NOT provide tech support or consulting for your internal network. If you wish to consider a network, we suggest a hardware router, several models from various manufacturers are available.

Click Here to download the forms for IGS High Speed Service (PDF Files--Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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