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About Us--Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your High Speed packages? We have both residential and business High Speed service. For full information, including pricing and availability, click here.

  • What are your Web Hosting Packages? IGS K-W offers a complete web hosting service for any company, from a one-person start-up to a multinational corporation with offices all over the world. We support Front Page Server Extensions, support databases such as Access, MYSQL, and others, and offer secure web hosting for e-commerce sites to protect your valued customers. For more information on Web Hosting, click here.

  • Is my domain name available? More and more businesses, as well as individuals, are using domain names for things like e-mail, in addition to websites, to make themselves look more professional or official. Domain names are portable, meaning that if you ever switch ISP's, your e-mail address does not have to change, making it much easier on your contacts and friends. The following link can help you determine if a name is available.

  • Can I register a domain name so that no one else can take it? I am not yet prepared to use the name, but I like the name and do not want to risk losing it. Many people are opting for domain "parking" whereby the name is registered for you, but no additional service is activated, meaning that you cannot use the name, but no one else can take it or use it either. Register your domain through IGS here.

  • Where does IGS stand on spam ? Under NO circumstances may an IGS service be used or associated with the transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mail. Such use will be considered gross abuse and will result in all services being terminated without refund. IGS retains the right to set the definition of unsolicited bulk e-mail in all cases. In addition to this, IGS K-W now offers free Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering on all email accounts.


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