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Updated January 15, 2015

IGS KW offers Unlimited High Speed Internet connections via one of three technologies. The first two are delivered via a Bell phone line, with or without an existing voice service and the third is by coax cable using the Rogers Cable network. We have no bandwidth caps on any service level.

The network between your location and IGS KW is supplied by either Bell or Rogers, but it is IGS KW that provides your connection to the internet, e-mail services, support, and billing.

Connections are available for both Business and Residential clients.

Click on one of the three available technologies below to find the service level best suited to your needs.






Information Gateway Services
20 Hanson Ave., Unit 3, Kitchener, Ontario, N2C 2E2
519-884-7200 or 519-824-2026 (Guelph)