Jenn's Page!!!

Hey!  So, you've found my page!  You're a smart one!  Well, something about me, humm...well, I'm 15, I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, my whole name is Jennifer C. Robertson.  I'm 5'7, I have baby blue eyes, brown hair, and (unfortunately) glasses.  I say unfortunately because, even though I like my glasses, I would like to have contacts.  If you want to see a current pic, click here.  I'm in gr 11 at CHCI (Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute).  Other stuff, umm...intrests, I like to Watch T.V., listen to music, talk on the phone with my buds, shop, goof off with my friends, read (especially cheesie Romances), talk on ICQ.
    Favorite food, other than Mickey Dee's, umm, pizza!  Really gooie, cheesie pizza!
    Fav music, Backstreet Boys all the way!!!!  I also like *N Sync, Brandy, Jewel, Our Lady Peace, umm, and basically, I can stand almost anything, as long as it doesn't twang!
     Favorite Famous Person: NICK CARTER!!!!  All of my friends, you know how obsessed I am, but incase you don't know, My bedroom is wall papered with pics of him, and the BSB's.
    Fav actor, Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.
    Fav movie, The Faculty.
    Fav colour, Green, or blue.
If you have any other Q's, my e-mail is, and my ICQ # is 20951728, and my nickname is sweetie pie.

O.K.  Now that you know about me, How bout my buds?!  Well, My Best buds in the universe are Krista, and Angie.  I have known Ang for about 4 or 5 years.  Since gr 7.  Krista, I met 3 yrs ago from school.  My other buds, Krista's boyfriend, Greg, Laura, and her boyfriend Bob, Jen, Katie, Marie, Maddy, Kester, Marisa, Daniel, Ken, Maria, Dugan, and all my other buds from Signatures, umm, internet buds, Chris, Scott, Paul, David (Angie's david), Radek, David (my david, and yes, we have two different davids, and we must decipher between them my calling them mine and Angie's.) I think that's it!  If you get this, and you're my bud, and you're not named here, I'm sorry! e-mail me, and I'll add your name!

Well, that's all for me!  Now on to the good stuff!

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Well, That's all for now!  Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you had a fun time!  If you have any comments: e-mail, or ICQ me!              ~*~Jenn~*~