Jenn's Pics of Buds

 Me and Greg actin silly

 Krista and I lookin through last year's yearbook

Marisa, Me and Greg in our Drama class

Krista and Tamera on Campus Clean-up Day

Krista, Greg, and Marisa in Drama class

Sorry!  The Drama class is all tied up right now.  Can I take a message?

My Drama teacher, Ms Hunnisett-Tuomi

Greg just chillin in the swing

Krista chillin in the swing

Me and Greg hangin around in the swings

Ken from Signatures, a Junior Achievement company

Signatures, the day we broke even

Lisa at Wrigley's Corners on a Science field trip

clock wise from left-Katy, Jen, Marie, and Krista hangin out at lunch


Hey everyone!  Look!  It's BOB!!!!

Maddy catchin some rays

Me in the swing

Me!  That's all for now.  Cya later!